Revolution Rail: A Fun Journey Through the Adirondacks [VIDEO]


Revolution Rail: A Fun Journey Through the Adirondacks [VIDEO]


Have you been hearing about Revolution Rail, wanting to give it a try, but didn’t know what to expect? Well, I tried it a few months ago and let me tell you what it was like!

Revolution Rail takes the unused rails up in North Creek and creates a really great outdoor experience for 2-4. Each tour takes about two hours and is 6 miles of rail-biking roundtrip. Halfway through the trip, you stop by a beautiful creek to get off the bikes so the team can turn them around. There’s also a beautiful bridge point where they’ll take your picture for a wonderful memory.

They have four trips each day (Thursday-Monday starting after Labor Day weekend): 10:30am, 12:30am, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm. There is no age limit, and the weight limit is 300lbs. Toddlers can ride in either their front-mounted child carrier, or a 5-point harness that RevRail can offer.

They have a basket on each car to hold your things. Depending on the weather, you should bring an umbrella/raincoat, bug spray, sunscreen, your camera, and a snack wouldn’t hurt either.

What I really liked about the experience is that you really get some time with the people in your car. They recommend you keep at least a football field’s length of space between you and the car in front of you so it’s not like you’re all back-to-back. It really felt like my Mom and I were out there by ourselves, but obviously we weren’t. Also, though the whole way to the half-way point is uphill, it really wasn’t that bad. Every so often we could feel that we had to peddle a little harder but none of it was particularly strenuous. That also meant that everything on the way back was down hill, which was a ton of fun!

A two-person car is $80 and a four-person car is $140. Though it was beautiful in the summer, I may book another trip for the fall to see the beautiful foliage! Check out my pictures and video, you won’t be disappointed with your experience!

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