6 Haunted Places to Visit in Lake Placid [LIST]

When I think of Lake Placid, I think of a really great place to spend time in the Winter, who knew there were so many haunted places to explore. How many of these stories did you know?

Looking for a few haunted places to check out up North? The Free George made a list of some of the top haunted places in Lake Placid, how many have you visited?

  1. The most well-known story is that of Mabel Smith Douglass, “The Lady in the Lake,” that I talked about in a previous post.
  2. The Stagecoach Inn is pretty well-known for how haunted it is. Back in the day, the formerly Lyon’s Inn served as a meeting-place and even housed the post office at one time. It was also the home of Melville Dewey, creator of the Dewey Decimal System. Employees of the inn say that guests have seen spirits or felt them around. Housekeepers have even mentioned that someone/something is stealing pillowcases and that pillows that say “Welcome Friends” are constantly turned around.
  3. The Former Lake Placid Club was created by Dewey after relocating in 1891, and is credited for bringing winter sports to the area. Renovations were completed during World War II and though the club’s buildings aren’t there anymore, many have said that they used to see Dewey’s wife rocking back and forth in a rocking chair in the library (how appropriate).
  4. The Olympic Center is best known for being home to the “Miracle on Ice” but something else happened there too. In 1995, Segei Grinkov and his wife Ekaterina Gordeeva were practicing for the Stars on Ice Tour. Suddenly, Grinkov colapsed from a heart attack, he did not survive. Ekaterina continued and skated solo. Many skaters have said to have felt Sergei’s presence and they’re too “consistent to ignore.”
  5. TheĀ Olympic Speed Skating Oval was used in the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics and several employees have claimed seeing a human shape out of the corner of their eye usually when doors are locked and no one is there. They suspect the spirit is that of a speed skating official that fell and hit his head while officiating at a race. A fallen skater apparently slid into him from behind and he died from a brain hemorrhage.
  6. The Whiteface Club has been around since 1882. Fires have damaged the Club building three different times and in the 1980s, the main building was demolished for the condominiums that are currently there. Apparently, though, Preston Bickford, the son of the family who built the original structure has not enjoyed the changes. Preston shot himself years ago and has no been spending the afterlife playing pranks on the property. People have reported seeing an image of a ghost on the staircase in pictures. Preston used to be the head plumber and has been messing around with the plumbing, including removing a plug 25 feet in the air and putting it on a ledge elsewhere. The urinal in the men’s room flushes on its own in the middle of the night, lights will turn themselves on and off, kitchen doors swing on their own, and people have reported hearing the sound of running footsteps.

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