The Catskill Game Farm is Still Open…Sort Of [VIDEO]

If you grew up in the Capital Region, chances are the Catskill Game Farm is part of your childhood. That is, until it closed in 2006. Or did it?

Did you know that the Catskill Game Farm was open for 73 years before it closed in 2006? So many great childhood memories lost in an abandoned space. Luckily, there was a couple that was as passionate about the space as you and purchased it in 2012, according to Only in Your State. The new owners haven’t done anything to the property and will allow you to explore the space, as long as you make an appointment through their website.

They’re open to photographers and fans alike to walk through the self-guided tour map and relive the memories of your youth. 130 of the buildings are still there and the map is the same you may remember from years ago. The tour is free but has a suggested donation from anywhere between $20-100.

It doesn’t end there, you can also stay on the property thanks to the company Tentrr. Tentrr is not your average camping company (I’ve written about them before). It’d be more like a “glamping” experience right in the Catskill Game Farm. There are two options: a wooded area for smaller groups and an overlook area for larger groups, both about $120/night. They also offer extras like a bedding kit ($35), breakfast kit ($15), cooking kit ($35), and more! According to the listing, they’re only offering camping through the second weekend in November but will start booking again mid-May 2019.

You may remember that April the Giraffe was originally from the Catskill Game Farm, and they announced that her old home will be turned into an inn, planned for Spring 2019.

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