Catskill Game Farm, Catskills


Catskill Game Farm, Catskills


The jingle will forever be etched in our minds and a part of our childhood died when it closed. Did you know that you can still visit?

The Catskill Game Farm, now called The Old Game Farm, opened all the way back in 1933. It stayed open until October of 2006 due to declining business (Wikipedia). The public space was about 136 acres but the entire property is more than 914 acres. Aside from being a piece of your childhood, April the Giraffe (of baby giraffe internet fame) was born at the game farm in 2002 before being moved.

The current owners purchased the property in 2012 and have tried to renovate the space for the public again. The Old Game Farm giraffe habitat has been turned into The Long Neck Inn offering five guest rooms and four campsites.

If you’re not looking to spend the night, you can also keep an eye out for days they open for self-guided tours. The space is pretty empty. There are no animals there anymore, except the owners’ dog that walks around the property. Some of the original signage and fencing is still up but a lot of the old buildings are being used for storage at the moment.

It was interesting to walk around the property with an old map remembering how things used to be when the Game Farm was full of families. The space, though completely safe, isn’t maintained much so be sure to wear closed-toed shoes.

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