Because This 1984 Crossgates Mall Promo Never Gets Old [VIDEO]

If you’ve lived in the Capital Region for longer than about 20 minutes then I’m sure you’ve seen this video. I was honestly just surprised that I’d never posted it before, plus, it’s always hilarious so – enjoy!

For a bit of a backstory on Crossgates Mall, it opened in 1984 by The Pyramid Companies and in 1994 underwent a huge expansion, making it the size of Crossgates Mall that we’re used to today (Wikipedia). Of course, before Crossgates Mall became the household name it is today, people didn’t know what to expect. They had to promote it. So, in 1984, as the mall was opening, The Pyramid Companies came out with this ad that solidifies Crossgates in 1980’s history. Most of these stores aren’t there anymore but it’s a bit of a visual time capsule to the mid-1980’s.

This video is shared around every so often but between the products mentioned, the music, and seeing what Crossgates Mall used to look like before it’s turned into what it is now – it’s worth a watch or 10.

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