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It seems as if all of a sudden escape rooms started popping up everywhere. You know, you get locked in a room with a bunch of people and you have to find your way out.

You’re not given any instruction and all you have to do is dig through the stuff in the themed room looking for clues on how to get out of the locked room(by law, no door is ACTUALLY locked, but use your imagination). You probably figured once you see one, you’ve seen them all, right? Not if you haven’t checked out 5 Wits inside of Crossgates Mall yet (near the movie theater, where Bally Fitness used to be).


5 Wits is similar to an escape room where you’re in a situation with a team and have to solve puzzles to advance but the environment is so much more advanced and the special effects are at first look, obviously better. I felt like I was the main character of my own storybook! Crossgates Mall has three adventures: Deep Space, Drago’s Castle & Tomb.

The first experience I had was with Tomb. First, you’re brought the entrance of the room via and Egyptian themed door and you (plus whoever else is in your team) watch a short video to put you in the mindset of an archaeologist/Egyptologist. After the video is over, the first puzzle begins and you have to figure out your way into the tomb itself but don’t look here for the answer, I’m not going to spoil it for you. You and your team then take your flashlights inside the tomb to explore your new surroundings. Each room has various puzzles including music memory, speed, logic puzzles and quick problem solving to get you through to the next part of the adventure. Finally at the end, it’s your job to save the Pharaoh’s spirit. Complete that, and it’s onto your next 5 Wits adventure.


The second I tried was Drago’s Castle. Each experience starts the same by bringing you to a video to explain what happened and what you will have to achieve on your journey. This video was my favorite one! Again, I don’t want to give anything away but there’s something a little more creative about this entrance that I loved. You’re then brought through various rooms which you travel through after using teamwork to solve puzzles. In each of the rooms, the answer is around you somewhere but you have to figure out where the answers are and how to use the information to move on. Just watch out for any dragons you may come across! They live in every castle, don’t they? Obviously, what’s next is Deep Space. I’ll have to update you when I’ve done that one!

What I love about these over other escape rooms is that you can always go back and do them again. Just because you figured out the puzzles the first time, doesn’t mean they’re going to be easy or even the same the next time, especially if you go in with a new group of people! Each adventure takes about 30 mins or less so it’s a great break from shopping at the mall or a lunchtime game for team building at work. This is also a great activity for all ages (over 7 years old). I can go in with my late 20 something friends or I could go in with my 13-year-old family members, it’s great for everyone. If you’re looking for something fun and want to get off the couch, take a trip to 5 Wits, you’ll have a blast- promise!

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