Naked in the Capital Region: Find Out Where It’s Accepted [LIST]

Nudity isn’t something I’m particularly comfortable with in public but if it’s your thing, there are quite a few places you can show off your birthday suit here in the Capital Region that you may not know about!

Most of these places are off the beaten path and don’t really publicize or advertise themselves but thankfully for you, New York Upstate found some for you.

Nude-Friendly Places: both nudists and clothed swimmers hang out at these places, some of these places have certain areas for nudity though so be aware.

  • Alice Falls (Keesville): technically swimming is prohibited here but apparently it doesn’t stop people from going there with their families and some even strip down
  • Spier Falls (Gansevoort): another place where technically swimming is prohibited but reports say the enforcement is lax, also nudity isn’t the norm here but it’s also generally accepted.
  • Split Rock Hole (Catskills): there’s a certain section designated for nudity here shown by a sign and a quick walk over a bridge
  • Stony Kill Falls (Catskills): there’s also another specific section here for nudity, just a quick hike to the top of the falls to find the “Nudist Pool” versus the “Clothed Pool”

Nudest Resorts/Camps: locations specifically catering to nudists that often have strict rules in place

  • Juniper Woods (Catskills): a clothing-optional, family-friendly park
  • Full Tan Sun Club (Sprakers): a nude recreation park and outdoor tanning facility

Nudest Clubs: these groups may not have a headquarters, per say, but if you’re into the nudist community, you may want to make some connections here

  • Northern Exposure Sun Club (Capital Region): open to any kind of member (clothed vs. nude) to get together and visit nude-friendly sites as well as host nude-friendly activities

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