MOSU Asian BBQ & Hot Pot, Albany


MOSU Asian BBQ & Hot Pot, Albany

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It seems like this place is at the top of everyone’s list as a restaurant they want to check out. Well, I took a look and probably gained 10 lbs before I left the building.

MOSU Asian BBQ & Hot Pot is a relatively new restaurant at 111 Wolf Rd, Colonie sharing the old Wolf’s 1-11 space with another newly developed restaurant, Toro Cantina. MOSU is owned by a group of people not local to the Capital Region, as far as I know. It’s a large space that offers both Asian BBQ and Hot Pot.

When you enter (reservations can be made through their website), they ask whether you want the Asian BBQ or the hot pot experience. My friend and I had our heart set on Asian BBQ and picked that. We went with the All-You-Can-Eat option (versus ala carte pricing) where for $50 per person you can order any food off of the menu, bar snacks included.

To start, we ordered the crab rangoon, seaweed salad, spring roll, hot & sour soup, and edamame. On the table already, they added three different sauces for the BBQ experience as well as other noshes like kimchi, daikon, and nuts to snack on. You could honestly make a meal of just bar snacks if you wanted to, check out the whole menu on their website.

For the Asian BBQ experience, we could order as many types of meat and vegetables that we wanted. My friend, being a vegetarian, stuck to the vegetables where I went all-in with filet mignon, pork belly, and salmon. The way it works, the meats arrive at the table raw and you cook them to your liking with the pit at the table. The filet mignon is a must-eat in my opinion. The pork belly was delicious but rather fatty so it spits a little bit. The salmon was cooked in aluminum foil and came out perfect with melted butter.

Along with the food, we each ordered a drink and I highly recommend The Cure, Scotch, Lapsang Souchong, Local Raw Honey, Ginger, and Lemon ($14)- delicious! For dessert, which also was included, we got s’mores. We cooked the marshmallows at the table and it came with graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate. Then, I added some creme brulee because it sounded great and it was all-you-can-eat so why not? It’s quite an interesting experience paired with quite delicious food. You may have a 2-hour time limit but you have plenty of time to cook and enjoy your meal, as many courses as you choose.

Looking for a dinnertime experience, check out the newly opened MOSU with great service and yummy food. I’m gonna have to go back, myself- I still have to try the hot pot!

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  • wow….ok you convinced me…but which to try???? such decisions…hubs would want the bbq….

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