Getting Some Work Done at Mohawk Coworks


Getting Some Work Done at Mohawk Coworks

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With more people working remotely since COVID, sometimes your house can be too distracting. So, I gave a local coworking space a try to see if it’ll help me focus.

NOTE: I was gifted a free day pass to experience Mohawk Coworks but was in no other way compensated and my opinions are my own.

Since COVID, I started a new job which allowed me the opportunity to work remotely, but then I ran into some issues. At work, I’m distracted by people coming to my desk all of the time and at home, I’m distracted by my want to do things around the house. When I was given the opportunity to try out a coworking space, I couldn’t wait to see what it was all about.

Bottom line, coworking spaces give space to someone who either doesn’t have an office or doesn’t want to work in a traditional one with some added perks. For example, at Mohawk Coworks, there is a full kitchen, a fridge stocked with complimentary sodas and water, and some complimentary snacks. And as much as I love snacks, that wasn’t the best part.

Whether you want a day pass or to reserve an office, Mohawk Coworks creates the perfect environment to get some work done. From day pass to membership, Mohawk Coworks offers high-speed internet, copying and printing, and use of the conference room (with a reservation). Members also get a private mailbox, a community experience with other members through events and 24-7 access to certain office spaces.

When I arrived, I just picked a spot in their open room and got to work. Each space had an outlet so I could plug in my computer and not worry about competing with someone for it. I went on a Monday, so there were only two other people utilizing the space but everyone was very considerate. It did take me a minute to get used to being able to focus that well. I literally had no distractions and could really cross a bunch of things off of my to-do list. The space was welcoming, the staff was incredibly helpful and gave me the exact tools I needed to accomplish any work I had to finish. Even if you just need one day to focus, grab a day pass and Mohawk Coworks is waiting for you!



$39/hour – time also included in some memberships





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