Sea Smoke Waterfront Grill, Green Island


Sea Smoke Waterfront Grill, Green Island


There are not many places to eat delicious fish on the waterfront in the area locally so when I hear of one, I gotta give it a try and Sea Smoke Waterfront Grill was worth it!

Sea Smoke Waterfront Grill opened on Green Island earlier this year. With the quality of the food, the view of the water and the delicious cocktails, you really can’t go wrong.

Sea Smoke was the latest venture from executive chef and restaurateur Jaime Ortiz. This being his third restaurant in the area, he felt Troy was ready for more upscale dining and based on the parking lot and full restaurant when I was there, he was right.

The space is beautiful, from the view from the patio to just the restaurant itself, you could definitely tell this was higher-scale dining. To start, my friends and I had some oysters. Their daily features offered 6 oysters and we’re indecisive so we just got one of each for each of us ($3-4 per oyster). They had Blue Points, Eel Lake, Raspberry Point, Gowanbrae, Deer Creek and Salten Rock. It was a great way to start the meal.

They had a nice beverage selection (menu here). I ordered Neptune’s Glory ($15), bulleit rye whiskey, aperol, amaro averna, absinthe and it was delicious! For dinner (menu here), it was a tough call with how great everything sounded. I eventually landed on the Sherry Glazed Chilean Sea Bass ($45), creamy fregola, tomato and frisée salad and beurre blanc. It was fantastic! My only issue with it is that I wish the serving size was slightly larger but that just goes to the amazing flavor of the dish. I wouldn’t have minded bringing some of that home for later. They have a great dessert selection (menu here) but I was in a good place, even though next time that creme brulee is calling.

Overall, it was a great experience with great food and great service. Next time I have some extra money to “ball out,” I’d love to try something else on this menu.

Note: For parents looking to splurge, they do offer a great kids menu option (menu here) for $8.95 for children 8 and under.

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