Innovo Kitchen, Latham


Innovo Kitchen, Latham


2020-2021 was a time when we were looking for the best ways to get food while social distancing and doing our part to support local businesses. This is also the same time that I found Innovo Kitchen in Latham.

Innovo Kitchen opened in 2015 in Latham, as they describe themselves on Google, a polished, industrial-chic outpost for burgers, brunch, New American mains & innovative cocktails. John LaPosta and Tina Kruger were long known from their time with Maestro’s in Saratoga Springs until they came to Latham.

During COVID, Innovo Kitchen was a great choice with their weekly burger boxes. We’d order burgers we put together ourselves, with all of the fixings, in addition to two salads and some wine to go with it. It honestly gave our household the feeling that we could have date night again during such a mysterious time.

After restaurants started opening and we could go out again, we decided to give the restaurant experience a chance and it didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t wait to try their burgers fresh out of the kitchen.

We finally made it back March 2022 and had a great time out with friends, note the menu items may be different (see their current menu here).

Overall, I’ll have to say that they do utilize Doritos a lot more than most restaurants but they know what they’re doing. With their saltiness, flavor and crunchiness, they are an underutilized ingredient. All of the food was great quality, the server was really helpful in guiding my indecisive mind and looking at the updated menu since we’ve been there makes me realize SO MANY things I want to try (I see you eggplant burrata and Ardbeg s’more cocktail).

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