Artisanal Brew Works, Saratoga Springs


Artisanal Brew Works, Saratoga Springs

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You’ve been seeing their famous Warheads beer and seltzer all over the internet. Did you know they’re local? Stop by their temporary tap room to try Artisanal Brew Works famous brews.

Note: This is part of my personal 2021 Capital Craft Beverage Trail journey to fill the passport.

When you think high school teacher, do you also think of a brewery? Well, if you don’t, you will now. Artisanal Brew Works is owned and operated by Kurt Borchardt and Colin Quinn who are both teachers at Saratoga Springs High School. They describe themselves by saying, “We create high quality craft style beer that  appeals to consumers who are looking for local, fresh, handcrafted beers. It is important to us to produce a selection of beers that appeals to different segments within the market as well as beers for the most discerning craft beer enthusiast.”

You may know them from their location near SPAC and though they’ve moved, it’s not too far. You can find them temporarily at 615 Maple Ave, up the road a bit. They recently purchased a larger location and are holding it down here until that space is ready. At this location, you can order Burger Fi to be delivered to the taproom but at the future location, they’re looking to add a restaurant of their own.

I ordered a flight because I couldn’t decide between their IPAs.

  • Hop Saturation #3 (10% ABV): A Triple New England-Style IPA double dry hopped with Vic Secret and Cryo Mosaic. Deceptively smooth, this beer will fill your senses with ripe apricots, citrus fruits, and mixed berries. I really enjoyed the flavor of this one, especially for such a high ABV.
  • Daily Double IPA (8% ABV): A classic New England-Style Double IPA. Hazy, super juicy, and abounding with flavors of citrus, apricot, melon, and tangerines. This one was solid. My boyfriend liked this one, my palette must lean toward the higher ABV – sorry not sorry.
  • She’s the Bomb (6.75% ABV): She’s the Bomb is a heavily fruited, smoothie-style sour ale featuring Purée Areté’s (from Catskill, NY) Passion Fruit Purée, Pink Guava Purée, Pineapple Purée, Lime Purée, and Vanilla. Okay, I’ll be honest, not particularly fond of this one. Sours and I have a love/hate relationship and this one was a little too much for me.
  • Warhead Extreme Sour Hard Seltzer, Green Apple (5% ABV): A wonderful collaboration between Artisanal Brew Works and Impact Confections, makers of Warheads candies. So, I’ve had the Warheads beer before and, personally, it was a little much for me. The seltzer, though? So good! I ended up buying a mixed pack to try all of the flavors at home!

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