Whiskey Pickle, Troy


Whiskey Pickle, Troy


It’s like the bird starting singing, the unicorns came out to play, and Troy has a whiskey bar. The only thing that could make this better would be if it was in Schenectady but…no wait, that’d be dangerous.

The beginning of March I started seeing people talking about a place called the Whiskey Pickle in Troy. I like whiskey, they had my interest. I looked further into it and it seemed like a small bar that had a bunch of whiskey and they specialized in pickleback shots. Did that stop me from checking it out? Absolutely not!

I’m so glad I gave it the chance it deserved because Whiskey Pickle has the vibe of an upscale whiskey bar paired with the community of a neighborhood bar. My friend and I were from Schenectady, out of towners, and they welcomed us with open arms.

Am I experienced in tasting whiskey? Yes. I still couldn’t believe the number of various kinds of whiskey and scotch they had to choose from (menu below). Honestly, though, the best part about Whiskey Pickle wasn’t the whiskey they had but the bartenders. They were so helpful in figuring out some new things I wanted to try. I expressed my palette, things I like to drink, and the recommended a Japanese whiskey I’d never had before – I loved it! The other cool thing about Whiskey Pickle is that they serve the whiskey by the ounce. They have specialty cocktails available but if you want to do what I did and just try a bunch of the menu, order by the ounce!

I can’t wait to go back and try more whiskey. Plus, I still haven’t had their signature pickleback shot so I think it’s about time I go back – sooner rather than later.

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