Kay’s Pizza, Averill Park


Kay’s Pizza, Averill Park


Whenever you ask someone locally for their favorite pizza, you will always find someone who says “Kay’s Pizza.” Well, I went, and here’s what I thought.

I love pizza and no matter how many times I ask on my Facebook page for the best pizza in the Capital Region, a TON of people will tell me that it’s Kay’s Pizza, hands down no question. Well, I decided it was time that I made the decision for myself, and I went to try the illustrious pie.

According to their website, the building itself had a few names before it is what it is today. “In 1958 Kay and Vic purchased the restaurant  from their relatives and started the “Kay’s” tradition! ” Kay’s Pizza is a staple on the lake for people who spend summers nearby but a bit of drive for those of us in the central Capital Region. As far as I can tell, the original owners no longer own Kay’s Pizza but “As the business has transitioned ownership, the recipes have been sold along with the historic building and legendary experience.”

Now, what you want to know. Is it as good as everyone says it is. I do have to say that no matter how good the pizza actually is, the buzz surrounding Kay’s Pizza is real. You’re only allowed to call to start ordering pizzas at 4:00pm (we called a little earlier and got through anyway). The parking is atrocious but for such a small space, there’s not much they could do. We picked up our pizza, found a parking spot, pulled over and had a bite.

Now, I’ve had plenty of pizza in my day and I will have to say that it is one of the better pies I’ve had. The crust is crispy, the sauce is delicious, and the cheese is a perfect amount. It’s a good pie. It’s hard to call it the best I’ve ever had but it was pretty good.

Be careful when you tell people who LOVE Kay’s that it’s not your favorite though, I heard everything from “Well, you have to dine-in to get it” or “It used to be better, still good, but not like it was.” So who knows the truth of the legend that is Kay’s Pizza, but I’m just happy to see a local business doing so well for being open for just the summer. It’s worth the trip for the experience if you’ve never had it!

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