Hoppy Trails Brew Bus Experience


Hoppy Trails Brew Bus Experience


If you’re looking for something amazingly fun with your friends this summer not too far from the Capital District. Grab you phone right now and schedule a tour with Hoppy Trails!

My friends and I had an amazing time on the Hoppy Trails Brew Bus with owners Gabe and Olivia. First, the two of them are so sweet, they’re amazing tour guides and we had so much fun in their company.

Beforehand, I set up our tour with them via email or you can choose from their previously lined up tours. We ended up going to Adirondack Brewery, High Peaks Distillery, Springbrook Hollow Distillery and Northway Brewing Company.

Thankfully, after seeing how this kind of business was successful elsewhere, Gabe and Olivia started their brew bus here. They stop at breweries and dsitilleries north of Saratoga, like Adirondack Brewery, Common Roots Brewery, Mean Max Brewery, Saratoga Winery, and more!

They drove the bus to each location, a sample was included and then after some time, we went on to the next one. The tour overall took about 3 hours but it was a great bonding experience with my friends and everyone said how they couldn’t wait to book another one! Buses hold up to about 14 people and most cost $55 per person but everything is included.

I’ve done a lot of things here in the Capital Region and I would put this in my top 5 of best things I’ve experienced. If you end up booking a tour, let them know you heard about it from me!

NOTE: I was not paid or compensated for my review but I was given a free bus experience so that I could write about the experience.

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