Electric City Couture Upcoming Fashion Show

I’ve gone to a few Electric City Couture shows in the past and love how they find up and coming designers to show off their latest collections. If you’re interested in fashion and… Continue reading

Albany Distilling Shuts Down Summer Tours

Whiskey is my favorite alcohol, and if I had to choose, my favorite kind of whiskey is local whiskey. One of the brands that fills up my liquor cabinet is Albany Distilling Company… Continue reading

Thacher Park to Charge

One of the best parts about living in the Capital Region is the amazing nature we have surrounding us. From the Adirondack Mountains to hidden gems like Plotterkill in Rotterdam to everybody’s favorite,… Continue reading

Colonie Center Store Closing

I like to think that with one door closing, another door will open. This store was already moved to a smaller location and now will no longer be at Colonie Center. Hopefully something… Continue reading

Mohawk Harbor Updates, Schenectady [LIST]

I live in Schenectady so I love to see all of the great new updates coming downtown around Rivers Casino. What was once an unused spot is starting to become one of the… Continue reading

Adelphi Hotel New Estate Sale Announcement

The Adelphi Hotel will be reopening this summer and to prepare, they’re auctioning off more items. The first auction went so well, they’re doing it again!

New Business Coming to Upper Union Street, Sch’dy

If you live in Schenectady, it seems as if Upper Union Street is just one of those hubs of great businesses to check out. We lost Jimmy Johns (corner of Union/Dean Streets) earlier… Continue reading

Self-Driving Car Testing in Albany This Month

I still don’t know how I feel about self-driving cars. The idea seems great and would make long distance car rides much more accommodating. Something, though, about giving all the power to the… Continue reading

Rexford Bridge Construction To Cause Even More Delays

I live in Schenectady and when I go to Clifton Park, my first go-to is to take Balltown Rd over the Rexford Bridge onto 146. It seems no matter what, I’m on that… Continue reading

Hot Dog Charlie’s is Back!

After being missing for eight years, Hot Dog Charlie’s has returned to the area with a ribbon cutting this past Thursday.

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