Gade Farm, Guilderland


Gade Farm, Guilderland

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I love stopping by farm stands and supporting local farms with vegetables and fruits. The annual cider donut tour brought me to Gade Farm and I was so happy it did.

I’ve passed by Gade Farm a few times but usually, never when I’m looking to shop for fruits or vegetables. They also have a really cute country store where you can pick up a little of everything.

I went there because someone recommended it on Facebook for the annual cider donut tour. I tried their cider donut first. The donut was denser than I would’ve liked it to be and it seemed like some of the sugar melted from sitting out all day. Overall, the donut was solid, no serious complaints, but it doesn’t make it up to the top of the list.

Even if you’re not interested in their donut, the overall store is awesome. They sell a lot of local brands like Oscar’s, Nini’s, King’s Dairy, 3 Chicks and a Pea, Mourningkill, Bountiful Bread and more. Also, all over the store, they have little slips that you bring to the cashier to donate to the food bank. I love that!

They had a fantastic choice of vegetables and fruits and they all looked super fresh and beautiful. Also, if you’re looking for apples and pumpkins but don’t want to pick them yourself, Gade Farm has a ton of each to choose from. And mums? All different sizes!

I wouldn’t necessarily go back just for the cider donut but they offer so many great local products, the cider donuts could be an afterthought. Next time I need a specific vegetable or want some farm-fresh ingredients, I’ll make the drive to check out Gade Farm.

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