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Are you ever about to put on your makeup and you just don’t want to? Or, you put on a perfect face, and then, it’s hot, and sooner or later mascara is running down your face? I recently got a lash lift and tint from Grit + Grace Salon and it’s changed everything.

Note: I received the service complimentary in exchange for my honest opinions.

As a redhead, I have to put on mascara, eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil or everything on my face disappears. So, when I had the opportunity to get my lashes lifted and tined and take out one of those products, it changed the game.

What a lash lift and tint does is it permanently curls your lashes (think, like a perm for your hair) and tints them. I had an appointment with Aimee and she was great at explaining the process, what to expect and how to take care of them. Everyone at Grit + Grace Salon was so kind, everything was so clean-my entire experience in the salon was pleasant.

The entire process took about an hour between putting the product on my lashes and letting it sit and activate. All I had to do was lay there with my eyes closed and not open them. The hardest part was trying not to fall asleep because that potentially would lead to me opening my eyes or something weird.

You can check out the full experience on my Instagram but I’ll answer a few of the questions I’ve gotten since that experience.

  • How long does it last? Everyone’s lashes are different. Mine not only lasted over a month but through hot Caribbean sun and a lot of sweating.
  • Does it hurt? At no point during the process did I feel uncomfortable, all I had to do was keep my eyes closed. If you open your eyes during the process, that answer may be different with the product going into your eyes.
  • How do you take care of them? Right after you get them done, they recommend that you don’t get water or steam on them for about 8 hours. I waited a little longer, about 12 hours. After that, to be honest, I haven’t done anything in particular to focus on my lashes. I take off my makeup each day and wash my face every day and they lasted a lot longer than I should.
  • How much does it cost? Every place is different. Also, note, that this doesn’t include adding any lashes, everything was done to my natural lashes. The Grit + Grace website puts a lash lift starting at $95. I’m not sure if that includes the tint but that’s the rate I usually see the lift and tint locally.

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