Natural Stone Bridge & Caves, Pottersville


Natural Stone Bridge & Caves, Pottersville


Looking for a different kind of experience not too far from home? Check out the largest marble cave entrance in the eastern U.S- the Natural Stone Bridge & Caves in Pottersville.

According to their website, during the summer you can explore the “rustic stone-step and gravel trail [which] features the old Sawmill Site Waterfalls, Artists’ Gorge, incredible potholes and of course several surface caves.  Descend into lighted caves and grottos with raging water or tranquil dark pools.”

As we arrived, one of the people working warned us that according to the weather channel, they were expecting a big storm within the next 20minutes. We decided to go anyway and just buy ponchos for protection ($2 each). Armed with a guide map for the self-guided tour, and prayers for the rain to hold off, we decided to explore.

Though we thought about maybe checking this place out, we didn’t make reservations. Luckily, we (kinda) spontaneously decided to check it out and they were open to just walk-up. Overall, I think that path is a little over a mile and mostly everything is wooden or at least a well-groomed path. I think the entire route took us about an hour or so. Everything is very clearly marked and very well described on nearby signs.

Though it’s not a difficult trail, I would still recommend hiking-type clothes. An adult ticket is $16.95 and children 5-12 are $8.95, younger children are free. They also have a few activities like gem mining, mini-golf, and more that are extra. No worries if you don’t see any gems while you’re walking through, the gift store has plenty beautiful gems to look at and to purchase.

It’s a beautiful path and the trail truly gives you a view of each part of it. If you need to get the kids (or yourself) out of the house, take the drive to Natural Stone Bridge & Caves.

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