Eddie F’s New England Seafood, Saratoga Springs


Eddie F’s New England Seafood, Saratoga Springs

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When you think of the best seafood, you probably don’t think of Saratoga Springs when Maine and Massachusetts are so close, right? Well, that means you haven’t stopped by Eddie F’s to get yourself a lobster roll.

Eddie F’s is an interesting eatery. It’s a little out of the way from everything on Broadway and it looks as if someone picked up a seaside shack and put it in the middle of Saratoga Springs. Don’t let the look or location fool you, this place is packing some of the best seafood here in the Capital Region.

Eddie F’s is only open seasonally but keep your eye open for the 2021 season because if you can’t make it to the coast, at least you can make it there.

The inside isn’t anything fancy but it doesn’t have to be when the food is so good. If you’ve never been, you have to try their famous lobster roll in either hot or cold. They have specials during the week but there’s something about how they cook that lobster that is just perfection. I paired my lobster roll with some clam strips to, for one, try something else on the menu, but also because I just love good clam strips.

I got the food to-go but ate those clam strips the whole Northway ride back to Schenectady (I HAD to have them hot, right?). Fill in the space where your spring/summer seaside vacation should be and have some delicious seafood right at this hidden gem in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Saratoga.

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