Stand in Three States at Once in New York


Stand in Three States at Once in New York


Ever wanted to stand in three states at the same time? Well, there’s a monument not too far away where you can!

Have you ever wanted to travel the states but just don’t have the time to get to them all? How about the ability to travel to three states, not just in one day, but at the same exact time. Only in Your State mentioned the Tri-State Monument which allows you to step in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey at the same time.

Right by the Laurel Grove Cemetery on East Main Street in Port Jarvis is a square unassuming stone that is split into thirds with the letters NY, PA, and NJ. Stand in the middle and you, technically, are in three states at the exact same time.

If you don’t know Port Jarvis, it’s about two hours from Albany passed Poughkeepsie. It’ll take less time to go to this monument than it will to actually drive to all three of the states.

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