Generation Axe: Have You Ever Thrown an Axe?


Generation Axe: Have You Ever Thrown an Axe?


Looking for something to do with your friends that’s different than anything else you’ve done? Plus, a chance to get rid of those built us stresses of the week? Generation Axe.

Listen, let’s get real for a minute, sports aren’t my thing. I’m not very competitive, I get bored quickly, and they make me tired. Finally, I found a sport that my competitive nature comes out, I could do all night, and the adrenaline is so high I couldn’t get tired.

Generation Axe opened about a month ago on Fuller Rd in Colonie and it’s now my favorite place to go. After a quick tutorial from some of the “Axe Masters” there (where to stand, how to throw, i.e.) you have your chance to try to hit the bullseye.

There are two types of axes that probably have more official names but you and I can tell the difference by referring to them as the black axe and the white axe. The white axe is a little lighter and you throw it with one hand, the black axe is heavier and you throw it with both hands.

What’s really great is how safe it is. Where else can you throw axes but not worry about taking anyone out in the process. They have safety measures in place so at no point to do feel unsafe, which allows you to let loose and have some fun.

After you try and hit the bullseye, they have a ton of games to play which makes the experience even more fun. My boyfriend and I played “Around the World” and a game similar to “Horse.” I honestly never realized how many games you can play with axe throwing.

They’ve already started to have theme nights and league sign-ups but are also talking about eventually adding a bar to make it the perfect happy hour spot.

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