New Brewery Opening in Pittsfield, MA


New Brewery Opening in Pittsfield, MA


You know I love a new brewery and I love one that lets me take a nice day trip so I can’t wait to check out Pittsfield, MA and taste Hot Plate Brewing Co.

Hot Plate Brewing Co will open its doors to the public on Thursday at 4 p.m. according to WTEN. The reason for the name is that co-founders Sarah Real and Mike Dell’Aquila started their brewing journey on a literal hot plate. As it says on their website, “Our dream of starting a brewery began in 2005, during a cross-country drive that took us to some of the emerging craft breweries in Colorado and Southern California. After deferring that dream to pursue professional careers, Sarah felt the urge to make a life change and pursue a career in craft beer, right before the New York City Department of Buildings shut off the gas to our condo building. Rather than giving up a second time, we bought a hot plate and started writing our own recipes and planning the brewery that would eventually become Hot Plate Brewing Co.”

Hot Place Brewing Co is one of the under 1% of craft breweries throughout the U.S. owned by a woman of color. They will have 12 taps that they will split into thirds. The first four will be classic European styles, the middle third will be favorites like New England IPAs and hazy Pale Ales and the last third will be experimental beers like Chamomile Blonde Ale and Jalapeño Pale Ale. In addition to beer, they will also be able to serve wine and cider.

They’ll have snacks available but if you’re looking for a full meal, they recommend utilizing local restaurants nearby or even bringing in food. The beer won’t be for sale anywhere other than the taproom but they’re working on expanding that in the future.

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