Ice Castles Are Coming Back to the Adirondacks 2023


Ice Castles Are Coming Back to the Adirondacks 2023


If you missed your chance to live your Elsa Let It Go fantasy last year, your time has come. The beautiful Ice Castles have announced that they’re coming back to the area in 2023!

/edit Jan. 22, 2023Ice Castles are looking at opening Feb. 3 after “unprecedented warmth.”

/edit Jan. 28, 2023Locals’ Day will take place every Monday this season, excluding holidays and school breaks, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tickets will be on sale for $5 at the gate for residents of the town and village of Lake George (Post Star)

I know, it just started to get chilly and I’m already coming at you with ice and snow but it’s better to have something to look forward to instead of dreading having to reintroduce yourself to your snowblower. The Ice Castles have announced that they will be back in the Adirondacks in January 2023. You’ll see similar ice tunnels, structures, slides and more but this year, they’ve decided to add a light walk and an ice bar!

Tickets will be going on sale November 28 and they went fast last year so get them while you can through their website here. According to New York Upstate, “each castle is approximately one acre in size and consists of more than 25 million pounds of carefully carved ice.” Last year, the castles were up from mid-January until about mid-February at the Charles R. Wood Park. Note, they did have some dates canceled due to rain and warmer weather. They’re looking for employees so keep an eye out for that if you want to live your winter like ice royalty.

2022 Prices

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