Live Your Hobbit Fantasy Here in the Capital Region


Live Your Hobbit Fantasy Here in the Capital Region

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Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Wanting to join your friends on a quest for your “precious?” Well, you don’t have to travel to New Zealand to do it!

June Farms has announced that they’re offering their very own Hobbit house for you to stay in overnight, among other styles of cabins. On their website, they list their three cabin Timbertown, NYC-Style Loft in Downtown Albany, The Lodge at June Farms, The Airstream at June Farms, Bungalow-style LOFT in Downtown Albany, The Tipi at June Farms, The Coop at June Farms and The Hobbit House. You can see all of them on their AirBnB page.

For about $275 per night on weeknights and $295 on weekends (plus an $80 cleaning fee and other fees), you can live the life of a hobbit in Averill Park at June Farms. According to the website, “the Hobbit House is nestled in the hillside of our 120 acres. You are within walking distance of all of the other cabins, as well as The Pony Barn, and all of our happy farm animals! Rent a golf cart while here to make your stay more enjoyable!”

Matt Baumgartner, the owner of June Farms, has been looking for new types of cabins to offer and Hobbit house was something mentioned to him that he decided to run with. If you’re looking to stay in these spaces, do so now since they’re currently filming a television pilot about working on the farm and it’ll only make it more popular.

So grab your favorite LOTR book (or don’t if you don’t mind borrowing since they have them already waiting for you) and sit back and enjoy life in the shire!

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