An Update on Speakeasy 518


An Update on Speakeasy 518


Did you have the honor of checking out Speakeasy 518? Well, since COVID (or maybe even before, it’s hard to know with a speakeasy) the doors have been closed. Have you been wondering what happened?

I’ll be honest with you, since COVID, I’m behind on what’s still open/what’s closed and Speakeasy 518 just completely left my mind. It may be because they never advertised, there was no sign on the door and the few times I had been there was just curiosity after drinking at City Beer Hall in Albany.

It seems as if all has not been forgotten because the question was posted recently on the Albany subreddit. Someone asked “Speakeasy 518: Anyone have info or is it lost and gone forever?” It’s hard to keep tabs on a place that tries to keep itself somewhat secret.

If you go to their Facebook page, the most recent post was from June 2021 with hope saying “Hello everyone! It’s amazing to see the covid restrictions being lifted, especially with this beautiful weather. We have had a lot of people reach out as these restrictions have been lifted, and as it currently stands we have not reopened – YET! We will post on this Facebook page as well as our Instagram speakeasy 518 page when we do! Thanks to everyone who has reached out so far!!!!”

According to Reddit, though, that hope is short-lived. Apparently, a number of people who kept that place going have other jobs at other successful bars and restaurants. It seems as if, Speakeasy 518 is unofficially no more. Someone helped put another nail in the coffin by saying “I work for City Beer Hall. It’s dead. It might turn into a mezcal bar, but that’s just a rumor amongst the staff. But yeah, she’s dead. We use that space for storage now.”

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