Historic Van Dyck/Mad Jack Brewing Closes, New Restaurant Taking Over


Historic Van Dyck/Mad Jack Brewing Closes, New Restaurant Taking Over


The Van Dyck has been a mainstay of downtown Schenectady since it opened shortly after World War II and 13 years ago, they added the popular Mad Jack Brewing Co. In a quick turn of events, both of those are now closed and the building already has a new resident.

Stella Pasta Bar & Bistro was previously located at Fo’Castle Farm Country Store in Burnt Hills for six years before they weren’t invited back after COVID. For those following their social media, they’ve been keeping everyone up to date with how they were looking for a new location. Finally, at the end of last week, they announced that they would be taking over 237 Union Street.

According to the Times Union, owner Chris Sule said “the announcement was timed for Friday because it is the sixth anniversary of Stella’s opening. He said he expects the sale to close in mid-August and for the restaurant to begin welcoming customers in September.”

In addition to the restaurant you’ve missed, they will be adding Seven Points Brewery with Brian Conley, former head brewer of Mad Jack.

There has been no announcement on the Van Dyck/Mad Jack social media yet. They’ve been keeping up the Mad Jack Brewing Company Facebook page, most recently July 7 saying “Closed this week as we continue vacation, and to get some needed repairs done. Stay tuned for updates!” The Van Dyck Facebook page has been untouched since 2021 and the restaurant was open as recently as June 21, 2022. I guess this is the update we were waiting for? No word on what will happen with the established Mad Jack Brewery recipes.

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