Smoke Pot, Play Mini Golf in Saratoga


Smoke Pot, Play Mini Golf in Saratoga


There were mixed reactions to the legalization of marijuana in New York but one venue in Saratoga is taking full advantage by hosting a “Puff Puff Putt” night.

What you may have not known is that this isn’t a new event. Olde Saratoga Miniature Golf (556 Maple Ave) has been hosting “Puff Puff Putt” since 2021, only having opened in 2019. “Puff Puff Putt” allows anyone older than 21 to come and smoke marijuana and play mini-golf.

According to WTEN, “On Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m, adults can enjoy wood-fired pizza, smoking-themed milkshakes, such as “wake and bake,” and mini-golf while smoking marijuana. Brumley said attendees are ID’d at the door.” The only thing you have to remember is that it’s BYOB (bring your own bud), they will not be providing or selling any.

So far, it seems as if he hasn’t had to deal with any issues, except that it apparently rains often on Tuesdays in Saratoga. Brian Brumley, the owner, mentioned on Facebook that if they keep getting rained out, he’ll start hosting make-up nights later in the week.

Also, if you decide to go, don’t be stupid. “If you feel like you’ve smoked too much pot, have a friend drive. I feel like the liability is on the person that is partaking in whatever they’re doing,” said Brumley.

Puff Puff Put nights are $11 for anyone 21+, food is not included for any potential munchies.

Usually, ages 5 and under are $8, ages 6-15 are $9, and adults are $10.

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