June Farms May Be On “Major Streaming Service” with Upcoming Reality Show


June Farms May Be On “Major Streaming Service” with Upcoming Reality Show


June Farms, a popular event venue in West Sand Lake, will be the host of producers from a “major streaming service” for a potential reality show and you could be on it.

Capital Region restaurateur Matt Baumgartner, also known for Bombers Burrito Bar, Olde English Pub, and Wolff’s Biergarten, is taking his newest venture to the silver screen (hopefully).

According to the Times Union, “an experienced production company that develops shows for cable channels and streaming services has a commitment from what Baumgartner described as a “major streaming service” to shoot a pilot over two or three weeks in May or June for a reality show about life at June Farms.”

They’re currently filming a pilot for what will hopefully be picked up to be a full reality television show. The owner of the Los Angeles-based production company is confident that the June Farms-based show will be picked up somewhere based on interest by many distribution partners.

Seven of the cast/employees have been hired but they’re still looking for a few more to round the cast/employees. Headshots are needed in addition to resumes. Full information on the casting call can be found in the Instagram post below.

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