Helderberg Meadworks Opening Troy Location


Helderberg Meadworks Opening Troy Location


Troy, get excited because you’re finally getting a space to let your inner Viking out!

My first experience with Helderberg Meadworks was seeing (and tasting) their great product at various craft beer/craft cider events. I immediately fell in love with the product.

If you don’t already know, mead is an alcoholic beverage made from the process of fermenting honey mixed with water, at its base. Then, from there, you can add ingredients and flavors to change the experience. One thing that makes Helderberg Meadworks different is how they utilize local products. According to their website, “Our honey comes from the rolling hills of Schoharie County. Never heated, only warmed, to ensure that the volatile aromatics are not driven off. As raw as nature intended. Even our water is local, taken from a mineral-rich source hundreds of feet below the surface.”

You can visit their original mead hall in Esperance Thursday-Sunday (Just weekends during the winter) or find their products all over the Capital Region. The new Troy space will be at 43 3rd Street. The opening date hasn’t been announced yet but based on some photos on their Instagram page, it looks like it’ll be sooner rather than later.

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