Skinny Pancake Has Finally Opened in Albany


Skinny Pancake Has Finally Opened in Albany


To say I was excited is an understatement. The wait seemed like forever (probably because of COVID and I didn’t have much else to focus on) and now, it’s over and Skinny Pancake is open!

Okay, with an intro like that, I feel like I have to give you my history with Skinny Pancake. If you’ve been to Vermont, then the Skinny Pancake isn’t new to you. Vermont is a great, quick, day (or weekend) trip from the Capital Region and I love Burlington. It turned into a habit, every time I stopped in Burlington, I had to get a Nutella, banana, and strawberry crepe and I’d explore the beautifully colored space on the water with an amazing animal mural from the Skinny Pancake.

Then, the news hit, and Skinny Pancake was coming to the Capital Region. It all started when I was looking for a job and saw that they were looking for a General Manager in Albany.

According to their website, The first Skinny Pancake was served on Wednesday evening of June 4, 2003. The owners Jonny and Benjy Adler started the business from a cart made of wood scraps from their parents’ kitchen flooring (that, as of a few years ago was still on the streets of Burlington). Then, they grew to needed a commercial kitchen but they said to themselves “well, if we’re going to rent a kitchen we might as well have a place for customers to sit…. If we’re going to have a place to sit it might as well be a nice place to sit…. If we’re going to have a nice place to sit we should dedicate it to everything local: local culture, local music, and of course local food & the farmers that provide it.”

Fast forward to 2007, and the Burlington location opened. Then, more and more Vermont locations, and finally, we’ve welcomed them here in Albany, NY in December 2021.

I went for breakfast over the weekend and got the Deja Vu (crumbled breakfast sausage, egg, local apples, Cabot cheddar, and a side of NY maple syrup in a savory crepe & I added caramelized onions – $11.50). The whole menu looked amazing, it was tough to decide which crepe I’d want. I recommend taking a look at the menu in advance and deciding whether or not you want sweet or savory. We were talking about how great everything tasted as we heard someone behind us go “Damn, this food is delicious.”

First, I recommend a reservation. When you get there, you can either set up an account on their app with a QR code to order and pay in advance or go up to the register and order/pay there. The food, then on, is delivered to your table. We used the QR code, it took away the struggle of having to decide between the menu and various options with anyone behind us. As you can see by the menu below, they have a ton of dietary options and even a kids meal so it’s perfect for families, friends, and who wouldn’t want a Nutella crepe for a date?

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