Little Anthony’s Vegan Has Closed After 40 Years


Little Anthony’s Vegan Has Closed After 40 Years


Technically, Little Anthony’s hasn’t been vegan that whole time but it’s sad to see an established local area business close either way.

On January 2, 2022, the owner of Little Anthony’s posted this announcement on their website:

In October, I announced my intention after 34 years in the business to sell Little Anthony’s. My goal was simple: to find someone who would carry on the LA’s vegetarian/vegan tradition – a tradition that dates back to 2004. And I did. My potential buyer was intelligent, passionate, professional, and experienced. I knew in her hands, Little Anthony’s would not only continue to flourish, but grow. I was sad to leave but excited at the same time.

Unfortunately, the owners of the building – who happen to be family members – refused to lease to this buyer (or any buyer, for that matter), claiming they no longer want a restaurant in that space. This, after months of assurances that once I found a buyer, a lease would be a mere formality. Then, in a perverse twist, they said I could sell – but only to them. This “offer,” however, came with no guarantee of keeping the vegan food. Obviously, there was no way that was going to happen.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I announce our permanent closing as of this past Friday. Since I will of course retain ownership of the name, the possibility of LA’s finding a new home, and under new committed owners, remains. (If anyone is interested, please reach out.) In the meantime, I can only offer a heartfelt thank you for all your years of unwavering support. The restaurant business is difficult, but you, my loyal patrons, made it all worthwhile. Thank you. – Pat

I’m not vegan but I do enjoy vegan food. In my opinion, we don’t have enough vegan restaurants in the area and I’m sad to see one close. I’m happy to see that the owners will be continuing in their passions of animal rights, but this closure will leave a large hole in the Albany area.

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