Crossgates Mall 5 Wits Working On New Adventure?


Crossgates Mall 5 Wits Working On New Adventure?


If you like escape rooms and haven’t gone to 5 Wits, visit now before they change it up!

EDIT 1/11/22 – My mistake, the website survey is still up and running. Tell them your opinion on the next adventure you think should be in Albany HERE.

Back in 2017, 5 Wits opened up at Crossgates Mall (and I had the chance to go). The premise is that it’s like an escape room but taking it to a completely different level. Instead of your friends trying to get out of one room, it’s a whole storybook experience. You feel like you’re actually there!

They have a bunch of locations across the east coast with various storylines. Crossgates Mall has three adventures: Deep Space, Drago’s Castle & Tomb. After seeing the spaces, you’d know that there’s no way to change them up very often. The intricacy makes that almost impossible in a short period of time. I was curious, after these past few years, if they ever would change and then, I got an email.

The subject was “Help 5 Wits Design Our Next Adventure!”

“We always get asked, “when will 5 Wits have new adventures”? And that’s a complicated question to answer, for a few reasons.

First, because the adventures we have are not meant to be done just once (did you know that each one has multiple endings, changing solutions, and hidden content? Find the Secrets section on your favorite adventure’s page on our website to learn more!)

Second, because creating a brand new adventure isn’t something that can be done overnight – it takes years of work, planning and care.

That said, we’ve been working on something we think will be pretty neat, and we want your input to help make it the very best it can be!

The survey is currently closed but I’ll be curious to see what they come up with. There’s no date mentioned but with the weather getting colder and snowier, this might be the best time to change over one of the adventures for something new – or maybe all three, who knows?

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