Hello Again, Friends


Hello Again, Friends

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Well, it’s been a while huh? No worries if you missed me, I’m back (and dare I say, better).

I started this whole “thing” a bunch of years ago because I like to eat and I like to write. During the first year of the COVID pandemic, it was honestly all I had to keep me sane. I lost my last job in March 2020 and after that, I was just looking for something to keep my brain active. I dove into this – hard. Supporting local businesses that were hurting and keeping my brain moving, a mutual relationship.

Now, a year and a half later, I have a new job and with that came new responsibilities and a new schedule. I wanted to soak up everything there was to learn, take in everything I could and at the time, I couldn’t balance that with the passion I have for this brand.

Three months later, I feel like I’ve finally gotten a grip on my schedule, what I’m doing, and I’m ready to bring back 518 Bites & Sights. Was it a long time? No, but for something I gave my 24/7 to for a year and then to drop it for a bit of a break was a hard decision for me to make.

Here’s the thing, or the TL;DR if you will. Bottom line, my brain needed a second to grasp all of the change that was going on. Now, three months later, I feel stable and I’m ready to continue is brand that is so close to my heart. So, if you’re still here, thank you. Thank you for your support, your messages, tagging me in things, just – thanks, it means the world to me.

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