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Saratoga Grazing Co


Why would you keep charcuterie boards for special occasions? We have a few really delicious charcuterie companies here in the Capital Region and I crossed another off of my list with Saratoga Grazing Co.

You may know Erika from Saratoga Grazing Co from her delicious charcuterie boards or maybe from her very popular Instagram account. That’s where Erika shows the inside outs of being a charcuterie board maker by showing you her delicious creations as well as her fantastic sense of humor.

I’ve been following her for what feels like forever and always wanted to order one of her boards but there never seemed to be the right occasion for it. Until, it hit me, what am I waiting for? Why can’t I eat a charcuterie board just because? So I ordered.

What I love is her new offering, the personal boards. My friend and I who I usually share these charcuterie experiences with is a vegetarian where I like to pair the meat and cheese. That made these personal boards perfect for us. Erika was awesome in accommodating the meat-free box for my friend and the *normal* box for me. Each one was $20 and there was no fighting over who gets the last bit of brie or who ate too many crackers.

Erika does charcuterie boards from the small personal boxes to large 10 ft or more tables for weddings. She accommodates any dietary needs so it doesn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything because of an allergy or anything else.

So, don’t wait for the special occasion. If you like charcuterie boards, just order yourself one – you deserve it!

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