Golf Simulator Opening in Saratoga County


Golf Simulator Opening in Saratoga County


It’s summertime, you want to play golf, but with the heat and humidity we’ve been having lately it’s hard to be outside all day, right? That’s when you turn to The Bunker.

The Bunker is a Guilderland-based business that allows you to golf indoors with their simulator. Now, they’ve announced that they’re opening up in Clifton Park and in Malta.

The owners are Troy Miller and Burl McCutcheon. According to, “Miller is the owner and broker at CM Fox Real Estate and also owns Troy Miller Construction. In his free time, he is an avid golfer. “I’ve been in the development world, and when golf and my past development work collided, out came the Bunker,” he said.”

Construction on the new locations will begin this summer with plans to open officially in the fall.

“The Bunker has the look and feel of a country club. It is furnished with plush sofas, leather club chairs, a marble-topped bar, and flat-screen televisions “Indoor golf has been full of very warehouse-type space, and we have turned it into basically an indoor country club. We have fireplaces, high-end mahogany finishes—it’s really like a country club that’s open to the public.”

The new locations will have a larger kitchen and therefore more food options. They’re even changing the concept a bit with more open doors/garage doors, for a more open space. The bays rent for about $50-60 per hour but can be split among a group.

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