Take Two Cafe, Schenectady


Take Two Cafe, Schenectady

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As I’ve mentioned in posts before, I’m not vegan but I love vegan food – I just can’t make it taste very good. I was so sad when I found out Square One Cafe closed but I’m happy it’s time for Take Two.

Square One Cafe was located in the old Happy Cappuccino location serving the vegan community of Downtown Schenectady some delicious foods. After a he said/she said argument, it was closed. (The only reason I put it that way is that I read both sides and obviously don’t know first-hand what happened). Well, Square One Cafe was no more and taken over by Bud’s on Jay.

Thankfully, owner Chelsea Heilmann was quick to find a new location just around the corner and rebranded to Take Two Cafe. Take Two Cafe still features their delicious vegan eats, this time in a new setting with a slightly bigger menu. Their tagline is “Where vegan meets main street,” and that’s so true. Everything I’ve had from Take Two Cafe may be vegan but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking at all in flavor.

Their mission, according to their website, “Our goal is to make plant-based food readily (and tastily) available. You don’t have to be a fully committed vegan to enjoy foods that are friendly to the earth and those we share it with. It’s about reducing environmental impacts and animal cruelty the best you can. Every plant-based meal is a step in the right direction… toward a healthier planet and happier animals, including humans! We’re here to show you these foods can taste amazing and make a difference in our world, one bite at a time.”

My favorite thing about Take Two Cafe, aside from that Mac & Cheese, is how much they support other local businesses. They have deliveries from Strawberry Snail during the week, vegan baked goods from Rock Hill Bakehouse, coffee from Stacks, and more. Whether you’re vegan or not, you gotta give their delicious food a try!

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It takes a lot for me to get excited about vegan food. Nothing against the life choice, the flavors just don’t usually excite me. That was until Square One Cafe and I’m sad to hear it’s closing.

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