b.inspired, Schenectady


b.inspired, Schenectady


Do you go through magazines wishing that your house looked like those houses? Walk in b.inspired on Upper Union Street in Schenectady and you’ll feel like you’re walking into a magazine. The best part about this, though, these things are reasonably priced to buy for yourself!

b.inspired was opened by owner Annie during COVID to bring home goods to the Upper Union Street area. According to their website, Annie “spent much of her professional career working in the field of public health, focusing on infectious disease and health system transformation. however, she has always had an eye and passion for interior design.” She moved to the area from Seattle and wanted to bring some of that vibe here to the Capital Region.

“The concept for this neighborhood store is to “inspire” by creating a visually appealing store with a diverse product line honoring home, table, and garden. b.inspired is a warm and inviting place that you can return to often, whenever you find yourself in need of inspiration for yourself, your home or for that perfect gift as a new member of the upper union street business district.” If you’re looking for a small gift for a birthday party, housewarming, etc and want to support local, take a stroll through b.inspired because you’ll find something really nice and don’t have to worry about shipping. Even if you’re purchasing something for yourself, each thing is wrapped professionally. That way, you don’t have to worry about wrapping it for someone else, or even if you just splurged and bought something for yourself.

The entire store is decorated beautifully. She definitely has an eye for design and can certainly help you fill that void in your house that just needs that little extra thing.

On top of beautiful home goods, Storied Coffee also has a shop inside of the store to enjoy delicious hot drinks, cold drinks, small bites, and delicious cinnamon rolls (don’t skip the cinnamon rolls). Next time you’re in the neighborhood, take a stroll through b.inspired on Upper Union Street to grab something for a friend (for yourself) and a coffee to go!

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