Raw Juice Bar, Schenectady


Raw Juice Bar, Schenectady


I don’t know what it is about a fresh poke bowl. It hits the healthy spots, hits with delicious flavor, so when I saw RAW Juice Bar in Downtown Schenectady was offering some, I had to try it.

RAW Juice Bar opened on Jay St in Downtown Schenectady in 2016 by Nicole Pardi. As they say on their website, “We are committed to bringing healthy food and drink options to the community using only the freshest ingredients. From delicious fruit and Acai bowls to healthy smoothies and fresh juices made to order, Raw is showing the community that eating healthy doesn’t mean having to sacrifice taste.”

RAW Juice Bar has two locations, one in Schenectady and one on Madison Ave in Albany. The Schenectady location recently expanded to the storefront next door to offer more on their menu. As I mentioned, I went there specifically for the poke bowl and couldn’t wait to see what they offered.

To order a poke bowl, you fill out a form in the original location (to the right). You first choose 1 scoop ($12), 2 scoops ($14), 3 scoops ($16). Your protein choices are salmon, tuna (my favorite), grilled chicken, roasted beet, or tofu (extra protein is $2 more). Then, you choose a marinade of either ponzu (my favorite), spicy ponzu, teriyaki, or soy.

The best part is picking from their list of unlimited toppings. I usually get edamame, micro greens, crispy onion, seaweed salad, and avocado (+$1.75). You can also get cucumber, red onion, radish, carrot, red cabbage, corn, almonds, mandarin orange, sunflower seeds, ginger, scallion, masago (fish egg), jalapeno, sesame seed, chickpea, furikake, cilantro, pineapple (+50 cents) or crab salad (+$2.00).

The last choice is sauce where you can choose spicy mayo, garlic aioli, tahini, or sweet chili (my favorite). Everything is fresh, delicious, and you can’t really go wrong with your options. Plus, the employees there are awesome and really helpful!

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