Largest Harry Potter Store Opening in NYC


Largest Harry Potter Store Opening in NYC


Is it located in the 518? No, but Potterheads will take the 2.5 hour train ride to see the largest Harry Potter store opening soon in New York City, am I right?

When talking to Millennials, one common question along with “Where are you from?” is “What’s your Hogwarts house?” and most people I’ve come across know it every time (I’m a Ravenclaw, by the way). Well, my fellow Potterheads, plan your summer trip to New York City because the largest collection of Harry Potter products is coming June 3rd.

According to Thrillist, it was planned to open in 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. Harry Potter New York is located at 935 Broadway near the iconic Flatiron Building. It has 15 themed areas spaced across 21,000 square feet. It’s filled with amazing surprises and magical experiences you’ll have to go see for yourself. For example, digital Enchanted Keys can be activated with the Harry Potter Fan Club app. There’s also a TON of photo ops, virtual reality experiences, the ability to personalize your merch, and more!

“The level of artistic detail and quality of the design inspired by the movies means Harry Potter New York will bring a completely new shopping experience to the city,” said Sarah Roots, EVP of Warner Bros. worldwide tours and retail, in a press release. “With over 1,000 Wizarding World props on display (including some authentic items which were featured in the movies), the incredible theming, along with experiences such as photo opportunities and the fantastic range of products, there will be something special for every fan.”

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