New Ride, New Rules for Great Escape 2021 Summer


New Ride, New Rules for Great Escape 2021 Summer


Thankfully, theme parks are allowed to open for the 2021 season and with that, Great Escape is bringing in a brand new ride and some other changes.

Great Escape has announced that they will be opening May 1-2 and with that, they’re also announcing a brand new ride, even though it won’t be open yet. The park will be open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The Adirondack Outlaw, according to their website, is the first in the park’s history to combine height, speed and dual motion. The adventure begins as the ride’s giant arm launches guests 16-stories into the air, spinning round in a giant vertical circle while the unique open-air pods are simultaneously flipping them head-over-heels. As riders soar upward, the circular rotation continues for a thrilling, one-of-a-kind experience. It’s chaos in the sky as riders are whipped into the air in seats that rotate 360‎° individually, while the giant arm is simultaneously rotating 360‎°. Adirondack Outlaw will be located in the historic Ghost Town area, right next to the Steamin’ Demon. It’ll be opening later this summer.

Note: The Steamin’ Demon roller coaster will also be closed since they are moving the entrance to accommodate the new ride.

In order to visit the park, every customer must make a reservation in advance, They will also accept season passes for 2020 that have been extended to 2021. It will give you a choice of a time for your party to arrive to stagger people and avoid crowding. You may arrive later than the time but not earlier.

Another change is that the park and parking lot will be entirely cash-free this year. You must use a credit card, debit card, or mobile payment for everything. The park has provided Cash to Card kiosks that will convert cash to a prepaid debit card with no fees.

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