The Inn at Five Points, Saratoga is Closing


The Inn at Five Points, Saratoga is Closing


It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce the closing of The Inn at Five Points in Saratoga.

Eilis + Jim Petrosino have announced via an email this morning that they will be closing The Inn at Five Points. If you’ve driven in the area, I’m sure you haven’t missed the beautiful purple house at Five Points. My boyfriend and I had a wonderful stay there a few years ago and I always enjoyed following them on Instagram, I’m sad to hear that they’ll be closing.

According to the email, “We want to thank each one of you for joining us at The Inn At Five Points. It was not an easy decision to close our doors, but for us, it was the right one. We appreciate your support and understanding through this process and we hope you come back to Saratoga Springs for years to come and continue to appreciate our wonderful little city!”

They also go into detail saying that if you have a current reservation, all reservations will be refunded on April 14th, 2021 but may take 7-10 days to show up on your credit card. If you have a gift card, mail your physical gift card or print out of gift card to: Eilis Petrosino 9820 Route 32 Freehold, New York 12431. Once it’s validated, they will send a check in the mail. Gift cards must be mailed by May 1, 2021.

They also recommend a few places to stay in lieu of their location, which I can’t wait to check out:

I wish the best for Ellis and Jim who were incredibly kind and accommodating during our stay, sorry to see things happen this way.

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