The Daisy, Troy


The Daisy, Troy


Is there anything better than a taco? So much flavor packed in a few bites wrapped in a tortilla. After I saw some pictures from The Daisy, I needed to check them out.

/EDIT Jan. 22, 2023The Daisy Troy has closed after three years. The current owners will revamp the brand and reopen as Frankie Bird. The Daisy in Cohoes will remain the same.

My experience with The Daisy Troy starts a few weeks ago in Cohoes. I had planned a day for my friends to explore the area and then, we got hungry and The Daisy was closed. I didn’t read their website saying that they temporarily closed it back in January. So, when I had the opportunity to check it out with a friend in Troy, I jumped at it.

Opened in 2019, The Daisy in Troy took over what was once Little Rice Ball. When Kelly and Joe Proctor were already doing well in the area with The Daisy Troy and Caskade Kitchen & Bar in Cohoes, after Caskade closed in mid-2020, they decided to grow The Daisy business and change that over to the second installment.

It’s a small space, with a small menu, but a lot of flavors. Each taco entree comes with two but they pack them so full, it’s more filling then you’re expecting. I decided to order the Beef Bulgogi tacos which were marinated short ribs, romaine slaw, spicy mayo, and kimchi. Paired with it, I decided to try their Prickly Pear margarita. Everything was amazing. The flavor was incredible, even though I’m a slob and couldn’t keep it all together. Don’t they say messy food tastes better anyway? I wish I was hungrier so I could’ve had another kind of taco. It was spicy but not too intense, perfect with the margarita.

After dinner, I ordered the Spicy Pineapple margarita. I had asked the waitress to not muddle the jalapeno just in case it was too spicy but I ended up muddling it myself with my straw. It was just spicy enough and with the sweetness of the pineapple, I couldn’t stop drinking it.

As I mentioned, they have a small menu but everything there is packed with tons of flavor, you can’t go wrong, unless you don’t go.

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