Royal Meadery, Delmar


Royal Meadery, Delmar


You’ve probably done some exploration of local craft breweries but have you dove into the world of mead yet? Slightly sweeter, not carbonated, but delicious and local!

Royal Meadery in Delmar was started by Gregory Wilhelm to combine his passion for beekeeping and brewing, according to their website. They have an interesting backstory, “He entered into the New York State Business Planning Competition and won the regional qualifier two years in a row and won second and third place in the Products and Services category at the state finals. These wins gave him the necessary seed money to get Royal Meadery off the ground. Royal Meadery is now run with his wife Kristen.”

Have you never heard of mead before? Mead is “an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops (Wiki).” If you’ve never had it, it’s hard to compare with something else, it’s similar to wine but different (I know, that didn’t help at all).

Currently, as of the last time I was here, their tasting room wasn’t 100% open but they had plans for it to open soon so reach out before you go to see where they stand. You can still enter the store and purchase product but at the moment, that’s it.

EDIT: They just announced that the tasting room will be back open again this weekend 4/10/21

They have a ton of different fruity flavors and mead is perfect for a nice spring or summer day. We left with a crowler of Barrel Aged Cyser with Cherries. It’s a mix of apple and mead and this batch was delicious! Also, they’re located in the same building as The Real McCoy Co and Brewtus Roasting so you can support three local businesses from the same parking lot in Delmar!

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