Bagel Dad


Bagel Dad


Do you love bagels too? There’s something about a breaded circle that makes a morning fantastic. What if you could get bagels delivered to your house? Two words: Bagel Dad.

Have you ever heard of the word microbagelry? Me either, until I came across Bagel Dad on Instagram. They have such an interesting business model. New inventory drops on their website every Friday night at 9pm. Bagels are then delivered across the Capital Region (Albany area, mostly) over the next day or so. What a crazy turnaround! Especially when they’re hand-made, rolled, and boiled before they are baked.

Though they offer a ton of flavors, they gave me their most popular Everything Bagel to taste. Chef Bryan Tusch has been making bagels for friends and family since 2015 but in 2018, he decided to start Bagel Dad to share the delicious bagels with the rest of us. According to their website, “Bryan studied pastry arts, and nutrition and dietetics at Johnson & Wales University, and SUNY Oneonta respectively.”

I decided to use one of their bagels to make a breakfast sandwich. I used two eggs from Hannaford, Velveeta sliced cheese, Canadian Bacon, a dash of Frank’s Red Hot and put it all on a delicious Bagel Dad Everything Bagel. The bagel was delicious. It was hefty but still very light. It’s not like, after eating it, I felt a lump of bagel in my stomach. It was very airy. Next time, cream cheese.

Note: Bagel Dad provided product so that I could share about them on my website and social media.

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