The Real McCoy Beer Co, Delmar


The Real McCoy Beer Co, Delmar


My boyfriend and I recently started a tradition with the nicer weather – breweries. We have a ton in the area but somehow haven’t visited a ton, until now.

It kind of started by accident. A beautiful day brought us out for a drive to a local brewery (or two) and we decided that it would be a fun idea to do it every weekend. This way, we’re getting out of the house, supporting local businesses, and having a good time together. One of our treks took us to The Real McCoy Beer Co in Delmar.

The Real McCoy Beer Co started in 2015. They have two locations, one in Delmar and one in Ballston Spa. They’re a small batch New York State Farm Brewery, meaning that 20% of their ingredients are from right here in New York State. Take a look at the beers they have to offer on their website.

Owners Mike Bellini and Alex Scher discussed at the end of last year adding to their Delmar location with a small kitchen and patio, according to Spotlight News. Since its opening, they have been operating with various food trucks but I can’t wait to hear more about this expansion. The space as it stands is small with only a table or two but with the nicer weather, there is seating available outside in their parking lot.

If I were to recommend a beer, I really enjoyed the Delmartian which is a classic New England IPA but they all sounded delicious. What’s really cool is if you wanted to try a few, buy a 4-pack and mix-and-match them. Then you can have your own Real McCoy tasting experience from your own living room.

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