The Cobblestone Lunch, Albany


The Cobblestone Lunch, Albany


It’s not just a great place to get food in Downtown Albany, it’s also a place that makes you feel like a regular even if it’s your first time there. Plus, the food is delicious!

The idea for The Cobblestone Lunch started 40 years ago. According to their website, brothers Ed & Chris Richards were little league players on the Swarthmore, PA Yankees and their coach’s parents owned a small restaurant in town. As you do after baseball games, the team met up at a place to eat. That unlocked a love for food and a dream to open a place of their own in their hometown of Albany, NY.

Ed came back to the area in 1987 to attend Siena College and then, Chris eventually decided to return as well. Now, they use their joint experience in food, marketing, BBQ, etc to create delicious food at The Cobblestone Lunch.

If you follow them on Facebook, then you see the delicious food they have each day. After a dentist appointment on afternoon, I decided to try it for myself. As you can probably tell, I’m the type of person who has a hard time with the menu. Everything looks great, I want to try it all, I obviously can’t, so what do I get. Luckily, the women working behind the counter were very helpful. Eventually we decided on one of their staples The Southern Gentleman which is buttermilk fried chicken on a roll with homemade ranch, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and BBQ sauce. I paired that with their mac & cheese special of the day and I had such a comforting lunch.

You can tell that the word is out about how great the food and hospitality is at The Cobblestone Lunch because it got busy in there around lunchtime pretty quickly but their service was fantastic.

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