Dean’s Delicious Dog Treats


Dean’s Delicious Dog Treats


What were you doing at 10 years old? Starting your own business and making your own money being your own boss? Me either, but that’s what Dean Barraclough is doing.

10-year-old Dean Barraclough and his Texas heeler race through agility training at High Goal Farm in Greenwich, according to Spectrum News. Barraclough always saw it on television and wanted to try it but didn’t have a dog of his own, until he got Max for his eighth birthday. Barraclough agreed that he was going to raise money for training on his own and that’s where the idea for Dean’s Delicious Dog Treats came from.

“It’s difficult,” Dean Barraclough said while kneading a large portion of dough. “I’m on my knees because I’m too short to actually sit down and do it, so I need to get my body weight over it.”

At first, he was just making treats for friends and family but then, he started to gain a following and now, you can find his products at some local pet stores across the Capital Region. Barraclough uses a 3D printer to customize the treats in certain shapes or even to look like the dog they’re intended for.

Dean’s Delicious Dog Treats was kind enough to send some treats to my dog Lucy. They’re made with all-natural ingredients, peanut butter flavored (her favorite), and were in the shape of her face as well as a bone with her name on it. She loves them and I love that I’m giving my dog something that’s not only locally made but good for her too!

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