Troy Beer Garden Announces April Opening


Troy Beer Garden Announces April Opening


It’s gone through a few changes in recent years but owner Matt Baumgartner has come up with a new concept for his Troy location.

What was once the Troy location of Wolff’s Biergarten has now gone under a branding change and is slated to open some time this month.

Matt Baumgartner sold off the other three locations of his famous Biergarten locations and decided to take a different path with the new Troy Beer Garden. Located at the corner of King and Federal streets, this new revamp is being described as a more “adult” venue surrounding you with indoor plants that will be available for purchase. Seeing as though he also owns the very successful June Farms, there shouldn’t be a shortage of plants at any point.

They’re describing themselves on Facebook as “A neighborhood bar & lounge serving 20 beers on tap and hand crafted cocktails in a lovely environment.” No word on a proposed menu but they are currently looking for employees and those who wish to book private parties for the spring.

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