New Brewery Opening in Guilderland Center


New Brewery Opening in Guilderland Center


Soon, we’ll have another brewery to add to the long list of great craft brews here in the Capital Region.

The new brewery, Mixed Breed Brewing, which will be opening at 457 Route 156 in Guilderland Center, is led by head brewer Guy Bucey. Bucey, a military veteran, got into brewing after he came back from Iraq years ago, as he told the Times Union. Their goal is to feature 10-12 brews on draft at a time. The new brewery will be opening April 17th, as posting in their Facebook event. They announced that they will be expecting food from various food trucks as well as the new Farmhouse Tap & Tavern.

The name of the brewery came from Bucey’s military experience, as he explains to Spectrum News, “When I was in the military they called us and ‘mixed bag’ or a ‘mixed breed’ or a ‘band of brothers,’ that type of thing,” Bucey recalled. “That has kind of always really stuck with me and I’ve always held that as a badge of honor.”

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